The New Wei is a literary movement and publisher founded by Tejas Desai in 2012. It seeks to discover and promote independent narrative artists with something to say who have been overlooked or dismissed by the conventional book industry and literary establishment. Most of this dynamic narrative, primarily produced by younger generations, is being disseminated in unconventional forms: self-publishing, blogging, and social media, among other mediums.

One particular negative is the industry's inability to publish or promote genuinely dynamic multicultural fiction. Even its definition of multiculturalism is outdated, and its tendency to be risk-adverse, simply due to its structure, means this trend is likely to continue. Given the realities of the literary world today, it is time to do what needs to be done to recognize, create, or help disseminate significant authors and works.

Some of the authors The New Wei recognizes are the speculative religious novelist Allan Avidano, prolific blogger Brienne Walsh, comic Midwestern novelist Lancelot Schaubert, Buddhist poet Vijay R. Nathan, absurdist writer and filmmaker Kacper Jarecki, and the late comic novelist Richard Livsey. These authors aren't necessarily associated with The New Wei, but they are all recognized for having something provocative and significant to contribute to narrative.

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