"At once timely and exciting, Tejas Desai's The Brotherhood Chronicle is a must-read and will keep you guessing."---Queens Courier

The Brotherhood is now a #1 Amazon Bestseller! It reached #1 bestseller status in two separate categories in December 2019 and briefly surpassed Crazy Rich Asians and Pachinko on the Asian-American list.

The Brotherhood is an "engrossing novel" with "brilliantly conceived characters" and is "highly recommended" by San Francisco Review of Books

The Run and Hide is "spellbinding, chilling, and complex" and "created with powerful prose," "a story that is timely, fascinating and told with a variety of nuances that keep the reader thoroughly engaged."-Authors Reading

The Brotherhood Chronicle is an international crime trilogy set in New York City, Thailand, India and the American South. It starts off when Priya Mehta, a promising college student, jumps out of her dorm room to her death in New York City. As Niral Solanke, a down on his luck private investigator, looks into her demise, he is drawn into many different worlds--of high finance, Hindu religious organizations, the art community, strip clubs and ethnic criminal gangs. What follows is his journey and transformation--physical, vocational, mental, spiritual--as more mysteries are introduced and uncovered. We also follow the stories of many other multicultural characters--financiers, politicians, drug dealers, prostitutes, military generals, police officers, housewives--as they try to survive and make sense of the world they live in, informed and influenced by Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Christian and atheistic philosophy and thought.

The Brotherhood, The Brotherhood Chronicle Volume 1, was initially published in September 2012 and is available for purchase in paperback and ebook editions.

A second edition featuring a new preface, introduction, an enhanced Glossary of Hindu Terms, a study guide, trivia questions, a detailed map of New York City, a list of characters, and a new cover, was released on September 16, 2018. A successful fundraising campaign was initiated on GoFundMe to assist with this republication.

The Run and Hide, The Brotherhood Chronicle Volume 2 was released on September 16, 2019 in both ebook and paperback editions. Queens Courier described the trilogy thus: "At once timely and exciting, Tejas Desai's The Brotherhood Chronicle is a must-read and will keep you guessing."

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Reviews of The Brotherhood by Tejas Desai:

"Brilliantly conceived characters populate this engrossing novel...reading this novel is both entertaining and pleasantly educational, offering insights into Hindu culture and religious elements. Highly recommended."-San Francisco Review of Books

"What a well-written, intriguing not to mention engrossing story. Each plot point pulls you along building tension and drawing you into the life and goals of the main character. Characters are fleshed out perfectly, layered and flawed with excellent detail that make you love or hate them instantly. Story paces well and sub-plots enhance not detract from the main plot. A great mystery with the promise of more like it to come as the series progresses."-My Book Abyss

"Everything and everyone and anything aren't what they seem, and even as you adjust your logic to keep up The Brotherhood keeps you guessing all the way ...The best way to describe The Brotherhood is simply this: a Mickey Spillane novel with a Bombay (or is it Mumbai...bloody hell) flavour...set in New York City. Betrayal, religious hypocrisy, greed, and sexual nastiness...it is nice warm cuddly pulp fiction with a nice global marinade."-The Evil Parrot Book Club

"The author writes with the power and conviction of personal knowledge of [Hindu] culture and [New York] City...Edge of the seat tensions and thrills, twists and the unknown leave the reader trying to guess the motive for Priya's suicide, or was it murder? This mystery thriller leads the reader to an expansive literary universe of noir fiction and is the first of an international crime trilogy."-Authors Reading

The Brotherhood Chronicle Volume 2: The Run and Hide (September 16, 2019)

Following the cataclysmic events of the first volume of The Brotherhood Chronicle, Niral Solanke has been banished to Thailand, where he works undercover for The Dragons. But a special business interest reconnects him to The Brotherhood and its new leader Bhai, creating a conflict over his loyalties. Meanwhile many characters, both old and new, are embroiled in their own dramas across Thailand, India, New York City and North Carolina, including: Rob Johnson, the Croat-Australian killer with special, conflicted loves; Bob Macaday, fresh out of witness protection and hankering for action; Apsara, a beguiling Thai prostitute with mysterious motives; Duncan Smith, caught between career and family; Lance Portman, mired in the grind of New York City politics; and Detective Nat Sachinkowdon, dedicated to his job but tortured by his past. These characters and others dance along the wire of chaos and order, deities and doom, in this next volume of the chronicle.

Reviews of The Run and Hide by Tejas Desai:

"Tejas Desai delivers another spellbinding, chilling, and complex page-turner novel...Desai has created with powerful prose a story that is timely, fascinating and told with a variety of nuances that keep the reader thoroughly engaged. The Run and Hide book two of the Brotherhood Chronicle ignites with diversity, immoral dilemmas, and a riveting look at the customs and ways of other cultures. If you want a peek at the Asian criminal underworld, this is the book to read."-Authors Reading

"There is strong ability in creating wonderful and fully realized settings which he shows throughout this book...If the author has not visited these places yet has written so eloquently about them, he is truly remarkable...He shows no plot holes that I can see; and the goals of his MC are met nicely, egged on by action, mystery and suspense...This author is one to follow and I highly recommend his books. I am very excited to read the next book."-My Book Abyss

The Brotherhood Chronicle Volume 3: The Dance Towards Death (Tentatively scheduled to be released in September 2020)

The third volume of The Brotherhood Chronicle continues the stories of several survivors of a violent international criminal world. With blood on his hands and Manu by his side, Niral continues to balance divided loyalties. In New York City, Lance, Carty and others scheme over the The Long Island City Project, while in North Carolina, Ashok and Hemraj concoct other plans. In Thailand, Duncan and Mr. Hong hunker down while Nat searches for his missing son. In India, Talim salivates for revenge and Bhai prepares for Shri Diwali, culminating in a powerful climax.