Tejas Desai was born in New York City in the early 1980s to Indian immigrants. He attended Wesleyan University, the University of Oxford and the City University of New York.

After working at the Jed Mattes Literary Agency, which represented clients such as Bill Bryson, Leonard Nimoy and Greg Louganis, he left the publishing industry and became a librarian in Queens so he could interact with a diverse range of society. He graduated from the CUNY-Queens College MFA program in Creative Writing and Literary Translation in 2009.

His first novel The Brotherhood, the first book in The Brotherhood Trilogy, is available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and the Queens Library. A book trailer which he wrote, produced and directed is on Youtube and Vimeo and the official website features photos, character descriptions and much more. The Evil Parrot Book Club has described this book as "a Mickey Spillane novel with a Bombay flavour...set in New York City."

His groundbreaking short story collection, Good Americans, the first book in The Human Tragedy series, is available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and from Queens Library. Kirkus Reviews has said the "stories speak volumes about the human condition and modern life in America" and that it is "a solid collection of rare caliber." Vault of Books has called it "a great collection of stories that present a true picture of modern day America" and that "the stories leave an indelible impression on your mind that makes you want to come for more." You can access reviews of Good Americans on the Short Stories section of this website.

He has established The New Wei, a literary movement and budding author collective dedicated to promoting the works of prolific, provocative narrative artists who are determined to create oeuvres. His aesthetic philosophy and vision for the future of publishing and the literary world is being published on The New Wei website and will eventually be released as a collection of essays.

His articles and interviews on literature have been published in the Huffington Post, Neworld Review, Publishing Perspectives and other publications and media outlets. His Self-Publishing Resources Guide is available at Queens Library. You can access most of his articles and interviews on the Interviews section of this website.

He has read his work at KGB Bar, Guerrilla Lit Series, Sunday Salon, Oh Bernice! Reading Series, CUNY Turnstyle Reading Series, Jamaica Center Reading Series, Wesleyan Awards Ceremony, and the Queens Library. He has exhibited at the AWP Conference, Book Expo, NYC Poetry Festival and the Brooklyn Book Festival. He has given several author talks across Queens as well as at his alma mater The Bronx High School of Science. He delivered the lecture on "Disseminating Multicultural Works Through Self-Publishing" at the NYLA Conference and the lecture "Revolutionizing Multicultural Literature" at the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

For two years he taught a Writer's Workshop at the Bayside Community Library, where he also conducted International Poetry Discussions sponsored by Poet's House and planned and hosted the successful Queens Noir Author Event featuring Denis Hamill. He also conducted a hybrid Writer's Workshop/Literary Salon called Scribbler's Salon at Central Library in Jamaica, Queens. He currently organizes, hosts, and speaks at many events.

In addition to the Brotherhood Book Trailer, he collaborated on short films in the Boston area with director/producer Joseph Sousa and acted in the film version of Tao Lin's subversive novel Eeeee eee eeee. His numerous roles included The Bear, The Police, and The President of the United States of America.

He enjoys backpacking across the world. Nations he's visited include Thailand, Japan, Greece, Vietnam, Botswana, and Australia.


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